USA to Wörthersee

From the USA, drive across Germany and Austria in your own car to the GTI Treffen in Wörthersee! With Jamie Orr from Orchid Euro as the guide, we’ll spent 13 nights in Europe, make stops at world class factories and auto museums, all with private tours, and of course… you have the chance to drive your own car on the Nürburgring!


You have the option of taking your own North American car for the trip, with exclusive return shipping aboard the Volkswagen Group’s new vehicle shipping vessels, with all Customs processing included. If you’d prefer to join us without shipping your car, we also have an option available for this.



In 2016 we took one 1996 VW Golf Harlequin from Pennsylvania to Austria, via Germany and the Netherlands.


In 2017 we went back with a whole new group of cars and friends, and were given our own display area on the main VW stage in Wörthersee.


In 2018, we did it even bigger and better. All 6 vehicle spots were filled by January, and we had everything from a 300Hp VR6 Golf 1 to a 2016 Golf R attend, with four exclusive factories and five countries visited.



We’re now preparing for our 2019 trip! Whether you drive yourself, or choose to join in one of our vehicles, you’ll have the same great journey, and a luxury apartment waiting for you with views over Lake Wörthersee… Basically, one amazing tour back to the roots at the GTI Treffen in Austria.


To learn more, and to see where we’ll be visiting in 2019, simply click here.