Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How many spaces are there?
    For 2021 we have decided to remove this restriction by letting your arrange your own accommodation, but there is still a limit on cars due to shipping capacity..

    We had a limit of 6 vehicles for the 2018 and 9 cars for 2019 trip.


  • What about COVID-19 ? 
    We want to have a clear and open policy on this. We will be following international travel guidelines based on four countries; USA, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

    On March 19, 2021, we will review any travel and mandated quarantine restrictions. If there are any mandatory restrictions or travel bans published by the governments of any of these countries, the trip will be cancelled until next year.

    You will receive a full refund of any deposits or payments, minus the $250 initial deposit which will be used to cover administration costs.


  • When are the deadlines? 
    Deposits are accepted from October 1st, until the available places are confirmed as being filled.

    Full payment must be received by March 23, 2021, along with copies of your drivers license and the ORIGINAL vehicle title.

    Your car must be ready to go around this time also, with all paperwork submitted.


  • Can I bring a Audi / Lamborghini / Porsche / Bentley / Bugatti?
    Yes, priority is given to VWs and then Volkswagen Group vehicles. In previous years we have visited Audi and Porsche factories.

    And we were once passed by a Bugatti Chiron on the Autobahn near Wolfsburg, and no, we couldn’t catch it.


  • Can I bring a Mercedes / Ford / Honda / … ?
    Sure… but possibly not. First priority is given to VW Group cars, but if you’re joining a group of friends with their VWs, we are more likely to let it join in the group.


  • How much is the deposit?
    The minimum deposit for 2021 is a non-refundable $250, due at the time of acceptance on the Tour.

    Your minimum payment by February 1st, 2021 must be equal to $1,000 or more.

    Full payment is due by March 23rd, 2021.

    Payments are only refundable due to official Government travel restrictions due to COVID-19, based on guidelines published on March 19, 2021.


  • I really need help on knowing where to stay etc.
    We will provide you with our hand chosen locations and hotels, and suggested exact dates for your flights and vacation days. Due to third party schedules such as the Nurburgring and factory tours etc, we have to wait for their information closer to the time. We do our utmost to keep you as updated as possible, and to provide the closest ‘window’ of dates that we can.


  • Where in the USA or Canada can my car be shipped from?
    Rhode Island has been our main port, although we may use Baltimore at that time. There are no west coast locations sailing to the VW Group port. The Southeast USA and Nova Scotia, Canada may be available, but you must ask us and have written permission, and we still STRONGLY urge your car joins us in Rhode Island/Baltimore.


  • My car’s expensive/rare/unique – can I get special insurance above the required liability?
    It’s quite possible that you can. We will forward your vehicles information to the company that we have used personally in the past, but it can be difficult to secure, and you may be able to have an agreed value for a higher premium. All insurance policies are in your name, and we do not issue/underwrite/or have any other involvement in the policies other than confirming that they have stated you are legally covered.


  • I want to book my flights, where should I fly to/from?
    We will provide assistance with dates and booking, and can make recommendations if you want to spend some extra time in Europe before or after.


  • Can I bring 4 people in one car?
    Sure, this is now allowed for 2021! 3 people is our suggested maximum per car and hotel room. Often 4 people either aren’t allowed, or simply don’t really fit, into normal European hotel rooms, so remember to plan accordingly. Rent a Airbnb, take tents, have fun with it.


  • My husband/wife/friend is worried about it being a total car trip?
    It usually is, so if they hate the idea of visiting a car factory for a tour, and driving 250+ miles in one day on the German Autobahn, they might not like it. But.. for 2021 we are letting you Choose Your Own Adventure, and Wörthersee is stunningly beautiful, nestled in the Austrian Alps, and there’s plenty of spas, sports, and nature activities around. Last year several members of the group took a day off to get massages in a local village, which also features waterfront restaurants, boutiques, and a casino.


  • I’m worried about getting stopped by the police. What will happen?
    I best describe it as ‘imagine driving around your home town with foreign plates’. You should be ready to be politely stopped, and to present your car’s documents and your passport. We have NEVER had a ticket in Germany in the USA cars. But then there’s Wörthersee.. Almost everyone from outside of Austria gets tickets. They’re usually under $40, and for some silly reason that the police officer makes up. The officers are normally polite, and most speak English, but it does happen. In 2016 we got 7 sub-$40 tickets. In 2017 we got about 12 tickets. In 2018, 4 cars received no tickets, one got a $50 speeding ticket, and Jamie’s 3.6L Mk1 got a really big ticket. We also made friends with many of the officers, and took a lot of selfies with them. Please note.. we do NOT condone and actively recommend not doing anything illegal. Burnouts, street racing, excessive speeding, any intoxication, etc, would likely not go down well with the Police, and you are subject to the local laws at all times.


  • I want to go in 2022/2034/3027 – Can I give you a deposit now?
    We can only promise one year at a time, so get in on it if you want to 🙂


  • Can you help get my car to the port?
    We try to arrange a cruise from the Orchid Euro location in Pottstown, PA so that you can join us in taking the cars to the port. We try to make a small special tour of the facility available for people joining us, so it’s worth trying to do so. We will try to assist with the ground transportation at the port end, but you will need to arrange this if you want to have your car trucked directly to the port.


  • What happens if I want to stay longer in Europe?
    We can likely arrange that your car will leave on a later sailing, upon request. There will be a small surcharge for this.


  • What happens if my car stops working in Europe?
    The German version of AAA / CAA has stopped issuing policies for foreign car people, so do make sure that your car is reliable. Jamie is known for carrying a plethora of tools just in case his own car breaks down, and we suggest you do the same. We do have a support vehicle on stand by, which will be able to assist on a first come first served basis, and will be following Jamie’s itinerary. Your distance from this will be the basis for charges for towing etc. We try to live with an opinion that that no one is left behind, unless they chose to and / or are in a safe location to do so, when traveling as a group, but of course you can Choose Your Own Adventure.