What’s included and what’s the price?

We have limited spaces for owner-drivers, with shipping on a first come, first served basis. You must own your vehicle outright (or have written approval from any lien holder) with the ownership documents in your name, and have a almost squeaky clean drivers license due to insurance requirements.



For 2022 we are changing our format a little bit. In the past we have provided a full booked experience, including all hotel stays. For 2022, we have lowered the costs for the trip, and will be inviting you to book your own stays, and giving you more opportunity than ever to Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA). This means that if you can share Airbnb places with your friends, or you may want to bring a tent to camp, or indeed go all out with some 5* hotels – the choice is yours!

We will still handle all the logistics of getting your car to Europe and back, arranging the European and USA Customs clearances, European third-party car insurance, and getting you and your luggage from the airport to the car (and back). We’ll also be hosting several exclusive events in Europe, which will be centered around you and your cars.

These events are optional, as you really can decide on your own schedule and CYOA in Europe. But if you’re not sure, we will be sharing Jamie’s suggested schedule, including hotel locations, and the factory tours etc that he will be booking. This will allow you to experience the same special events as previous years, but with the option for side-quests and longer sleep times if you want 🙂



    • Drive your own car in Europe, with vehicle insurance : $4,600.00 
    • 2 people per car return transfer to German port : Included 
    • Extra person per car return transport to German Port : $150 


Here’s just a taste of what’s included:


  • Return USA vehicle shipping to Germany from the Volkswagen USA facility from East Coast, USA.


  • Transfer from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to your vehicle in Germany, and also for return journey.


  • European vehicle insurance coverage.


  • Factory Tour and/or Museum Tours, in English language where possible.


  • Private group tours of the VW Wolfsburg factory, and other German HQs.


  • Support via phone or email for duration of trip


  • Entry to Worthersee GTI Treffen, including the full hospitality given to the GTI Freundeskreis crews when available.


  • Assistance with Austrian Road Tax for your vehicle


  • And so much more…!



Please see here for more information including payment information, important dates, and more.


Our FAQs can be found here: http://wortherseetour.com/faqs